Back for a Second Helping in Vienna

Kadin and I spent five glorious hours in Vienna in July 2017 as a planned stop over on our train trip from Budapest to Prague. It was one of the best five hours we’d ever spent anywhere… So, we ventured back, this time for two nights. We came by plane instead of train. At the airport there were a heap of advertisements for the airport express trains to the city – “only €12 per person!” We both agreed that was ridiculously expensive, especially when we went to the train platform and punched in two adult city tickets and were charged a total of €4.80 The city trains were very comfortable inside. Of course, our train did have a few stops along the way, but definitely worth saving €20. It was around 8pm when we checked in at our next Airbnb, so we went out to dinner at a Gasthaus 50m from the apartment – of course we had to eat a schnitzel! There was also a large crane working in the street, which was right outside our window. It was quite entertaining to watch (it finally packed up around 11pm) …

The next morning, we decided to go explore what we were and weren’t able to achieve in five hours two years ago. We left our apartment at 9am and returned at 7pm. So, here’s our much larger second helping…

1. Schönbrunn Palace:

This was a new place to visit for us, as it is a bit out from the city. We caught a tram part of the way there and walked the rest. There were no entry fees to the palace gardens, and they were massive. You could probably spend a whole day exploring the grounds. We walked around for a couple of hours…

2. Belvedere Palace:

A repeat visit… a bit hard to come to Vienna without stopping in at this palace. Again, we just enjoyed the palace from the gardens. It such a photographic spot. Just across the road there’s also a small restaurant where we ordered our first Austrian schnitzel in 2017 …still couldn’t beat it (Highly recommend if you visit this Palace around lunch or dinner time)…

3. Streets of Vienna:

We continued our journey on foot – the best way to see this beautiful city…

4. Hundertwasser Village:

We just had to go back to this location. Hundertwasser is a famous Austrian artist/architect who ended up retiring in New Zealand. The local town from my parents farm, Kawakawa, is visited by thousands of tourists every year to see Hundertwasser’s toilets (a free attraction in NZ – but his toilets in Vienna cost €0.80 each). He opposed the straight line and was a strong environmentalist who liked to incorporate plants and recycled material into his work. By the time we arrived in Hundertwasser’s village it was late afternoon, definitely Strudel time, so we shared a large slice with ice cream in the Hundertwasser Café.

5. Danube Canal:

The Danube River runs right pass Vienna, but the city is actually bordered by a regulated water channel that was once a former arm of the Danube. There’s a pathway shaded by big leafy green trees all away along this canal. So we took this route again (it was also a pretty hot day when we visited two years ago) making our way towards Vienna’s centre. This time we even came across a man-made beach…

6. ‘Innere Stadt’ – Old Town; including: St. Peter’s Catholic Church:

This was our first time wandering around in old town, Vienna. Of course, being Mozart’s country, the street performers were phenomenal. We had a quick visit to St. Peter’s Catholic Church -we’d seen its steeples in the skyline all day. There were plenty of cyclists in the city too …we found it pretty amusing when a police officer stationed himself on a one-way street and pulled over all the cyclists who came down it the wrong way!

7. Burggarten Park:

On the edge of old town, we came across this beautiful park. Feeling a bit tired, we sat under a shady tree and enjoyed a choir performance happening nearby. I was pretty excited when they started singing “Do-rei-me” from the Sound of Music…

8. Museums Quartier / Parliament Building:

We ended our walking tour of Vienna at the Museums Quartier, near the Parliament Building and our accommodation. We ended our day two years ago at this spot too. We still didn’t have enough time to visit any of the museums (we’re not overly museum people – but if you were, these look pretty good). The exteriors of these buildings are worth the visit themselves (someone decided to build 2 identical buildings) and there are also the nicest shadiest hedges in the gardens outsides to escape the summer heat. Also, nearby is a restaurant that we visited on 2017 for strudel and kaiserschmarrn – a bit pricey but would recommend if you visit Vienna. However, it was dinner time by the time we arrived, so instead we were enticed into a new falafel bar that had opened up (probably a better option for the waistline – and we thought two strudels in a day might be pushing it) …

Second time around, Vienna was still as charming as ever. We still had a short visit but this time we’ve got a week in Austria. Next stop, Salzburg!

Have fun at work!



  1. What a lovely way to start the school holidays, a cuppa and banana bread in bed enjoying your beautiful photos of Vienna. Thanks, Gemma and Kadin 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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