In Barcelona ( …Barcelona!

Thanks to our friend Ed Sheeran we had this song in our heads on the way to our next destination. Although we didn’t arrive on an aeroplane at night. We were already in Spain, so we came by train 😀 . We had a three night / two day visit in Barcelona. It was pretty hot weather, but luckily our airbnb was 300m from the beach. That was where we headed as soon as we had checked in… turns out thousands of others had the same idea…

Our Street

Our street that we lived on looked much the same as all the other streets and it would have been easy to get lost – gotta love google maps. We even had to help another tourist find his airbnb because he went out without his phone. The one icky thing worth mentioning is the smell …almost all the streets in Barcelona reeked. Throughout our walks we often saw people walk out their door with a bucket of soapy water and throw it on the sidewalk in front of their house. The council even had water blaster trucks cleaning alternative streets each day and signs on buildings stating the nearest loo.

Anyway, back to the adventures… We spent a full day packed with walking around the city, doing a bit of shopping and visiting some of the landmarks along the way. First we wandered through old town and came across Barcelona’s Cathedral…

Just out of old town, we found the markets and were super impressed with all the stalls…

Outside the streets were packed with people…


We stopped outside Gaudi’s Casa Balti – but didn’t pay the entrance fee to see the inside…

It was pretty hot, so we bought an ice block each and a large bottle of cold water from a mercado. Only problem was, there was nowhere to sit and enjoy our treats. We kept walking along a few side streets, hoping for a park bench. Finally, we came across a shady but randomly brightly painted alley with a few sets of chairs…

After cooling off a bit, we ventured to see the renowned work in progress of Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia. Another masterpiece of Gaudi… they’ve been working on it for over 100 years, and there was still a construction team working away on the hot day we were there. The detail is absolutely mind blowing! Again, there were crowds of people, so we just admired the work from the outside (not wanting to queue in the heat) and impressed enough with the exterior…

Feeling exhausted, we headed towards our apartment. On the way home we walked through Ciutadella Park which was a beautiful place with less crowds…

The following day, we decided we’d walk the beachfront of Barcelona to check out all the beaches along the way. They all looked pretty much the same. Even though it was a weekday, they were still packed with people. When we reached the last beach, we picked a spot and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and people watching…

Later in the evening, it was still incredible hot, and our room didn’t come with aircon or even a fan. I resorted to freezing some bottles of water and putting them on the sheet (I s’pose the opposite of a hot water bottle). We went out to the place certain to have free aircon… the movies! Toy Story 4 had only just come out… we googled and found a cinema close by that appeared to have films in English (with Spanish subtitles). It was a pretty small theatre, and only had about 20 people in the audience. When the ads came on at the start all in Spanish, we were a bit concerned, but our friends Woody and Buzz spoke perfect English. Although, we did notice the Spanish subtitles seem to be a bit slack, the characters would say something like, “Yeah, sure thing, great idea” and the subtitle would read “Si.”

Have fun at work!



  1. Just as well you got those new hats when you did:). Flipping freezing here with cold southerlies and rain Keep having fun xo


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