Boomeranging Across The Ditch

Hi everyone… It’s been a little while since the last update on our travels. Since our return from our South Island adventure we have been to Whanganui, Adelaide and Hamilton (NZ-Australia-NZ; all in one week).

Our first three days in Whanganui were relaxing with family again. We enjoyed a lovely morning strolling along Kai Iwi Beach – which has that awesome west coast black sand. There was a great playground there too. Another afternoon we enjoyed a walk around Virginia Lake, feeding the swans and ducks. Kadin also had a couple of rounds of tennis with his family.

Our next big stop was (r)Adelaide for a long weekend… the purpose to watch our beautiful friends tie the knot in the hills just out of Hahndorf. We had a wonderful time and caught up with several friends. After all the wedding activities we spent another day catching up with family/friends in the Barossa.

Monday saw us re-boarding the plane for New Zealand. This time landing in Auckland and heading south in our hire car to the Tron (Hamilton). We spent the rest of the week (including Waitangi day – New Zealand day) catching up with friends and family. We wandered around our University, reminiscing the good old days at Waikato – the place we met over 10 years ago now. Always a highlight while visiting H-Town is the Hamilton Gardens – there were a few new gardens since our last visit, two years ago…

We found lots of swan plants in various places during our adventures throughout Hamilton and managed to capture the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly for your enjoyment…

On Friday my sister took us to the Hakarimata track (her usual Friday ritual) – pretty intense climb through the beautiful native forest. I only made it half way before running out of juice – but Kadin got some shots from the top too…

We’re currently in Tauranga and on Monday we head up to Northland to spend more time with family and friends. Probably won’t update again until we depart NZ on the 20th while we’re sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Hawaii.

Have fun at work!



  1. Hi Gemma,
    Miss your smiling face at school but it pails into insignificance when I read what you have been doing and how happy you look in the photos.I said to Gary that we should use your blog as a travel guide when we eventually go to NZ it is so well written. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Hawaii.
    Take care
    Sandra x

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