Quintessential Queenstown

On Sunday we left our spaceship and headed south for Queenstown.

We just had to stop in Cromwell when we saw the three magic letters… PYO with the words Cherry Orchard. At the orchard entrance we were given a big bucket and instructed to wander the orchard, picking any of the varieties of cherries, if we filled the whole bucket it would reach 5kgs. We could taste as we go and if we saw a ladder we could climb it! The cherries were delicious -especially the white ones (New York variety). After about 30 minutes of picking we thought we better stop and make our fruit purchases, grabbing a tray of plums and nectarines too! Later on we realised we picked off more than we could consume… so Kadin got creative in the camp kitchen and made some fruit pastries…

Our accommodation for the four nights was the Top 10 Holiday Park, about 4kms out of Queenstown and only 800m from the Shot Over Jet. So this naturally became our first adventure activity… the experience only lasts about 20minutes but was ridiculously fun! We were lucky enough to get the front seats in the boat. It was exhilarating racing between the canyons and swerving around the river bends. Speeds reaching 90kms/h and of course bracing ourselves for numerous 360s!

Queenstown itself is packed with tourists. The lake, Wakatipu, showcases many forms of kiwi ingenuity – with all sorts of adrenalin activities. Walking along the bustling streets we soon found ourselves faced with a queue of people lining up for the famous Fergburger. We joined the line for lunch and were soon agreeing that they’re pretty good burgers. While eating our burgers on the lakefront we were entertained by a group of tourists mesmerised by common seagulls. Another lady had been relaxing on the stones, reading her book, when suddenly this group of tourists start feeding the gulls right beside her creating a frenzy of unwelcome feathers just to create a photo moment – so we took a photo of the wider moment. Our next adventure experience was right next to Lake Wakatipu in the Queenstown Gardens – Frisbee Golf! It was a bargain – only costing $10 to hire a pair of frisbees (would be free if you had your own frisbee). This was an entertaining way to walk around the gardens – and as I am the reporter (not Kadin) the final score shall not be published, this time…

We then headed for Cardrona. This location is usually visited by tourists in winter, where the mountain is packed with skiers and snow boarders. The summer version came with a whole lot of dust! We donned on overalls, helmets and goggles, were sized up for our cart and then headed for the ski lift ready for our descent down the slopes by mountain carts…

We also spent a few hours in the historic Arrowtown. We rented a gold pan each (total cost: $6) and spent a couple of hours down at the river trying our luck. Still looking for a way to fund our year off…

Have fun at work!


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