Capturing Canterbury

The past three days we have been spending time with family and exploring Christchurch city and surrounds.

We started off with a walk through the city and visited some of the buildings and monuments from the 2011 earthquake…

There are lots of car parks in the empty spaces where buildings once stood. Around each corner we would find street art and when going out for dinner with cousins on a Wednesday night, we noticed lots of Cantabrians out and about, supporting the local eateries…

The weather has been awesome the whole time we’ve been here and we’ve been smothering on the sunscreen as we enjoy the outdoors. We had a lovely time wandering around the Christchurch Botanic Gardens…

We spent a morning at the Art Gallery and the Canterbury Museum. There was the Pounamu (Green stone – Jade) exhibition at the museum. Kadin and I also ended up in the Paua House. Originally from Bluff, Fred and Myrtle Flutey adorned their living room walls with paua shells, a replica of their house with the collection is now found inside the museum too…

Down the road from Kadin’s aunty and uncle’s place is a quarry which actually supplied the rock used to build many iconic Christchurch buildings (including the Cathedral, pictured at the start of this post). We went for an afternoon walk around the quarry and bushwalks…

On Thursday we drove to Akaroa, Banks Peninsula. Our first stop was Birdlings Flat to look for gemstones on the pebble beach…

Next we had some lunch and a stroll along the small town of Akoroa. The Pohutakawa (New Zealand Christmas Tree) were still in bloom along the beachfront.


We then took a drive along ‘Lighthouse Road’ -which took us above the clouds along a narrow little gravel road. We didn’t really know where we were going, but ‘adventually’ we came to the end of the road (well, actually a sign that said you couldn’t drive any further as it is too steep – please walk), so we parked up the car and walked down to the peninsula, which now had an automatic light beacon installed. You could still see the foundations from where the original lighthouse stood and also the lighthouse keepers house foundations. From the lighthouse point there was another walking track that took us to Haylocks Bay inlet. There we saw some seals, we even saw one catch a fish and eat it…

Looking back towards Akaroa from our drive


Have fun at work!


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