Our ‘Seal’ of Approval

On Saturday we travelled down the coast from Blenheim to Kaikoura. We pulled over many times to take in the scenery. With lots of driftwood and pebbles on the beach we had to spread our message…


One of the hightlights was Ohau Point where you can find a colony of breeding seals. We even got to see a mother feeding her pup. They were very cute clambering over the rocks. Some were also wrestling each other, while others were perched on the edge of the rocks getting pummelled by the waves and some just living the life -basking in the sunshine…

We stayed the night at the Kaikoura Top 10 Holiday Park and enjoyed an awesome fish burger with wedges from a very busy fish and chip shop -‘Coopers Catch.’ We enjoyed our dinner at the seaside.

On Sunday, we departed Kaikoura for Hanmer Springs (2 hour drive). Before leaving Kaikoura we went to Point Kean where you could get a bit closer to the seals…

After checking into our airbnb -for 2 nights this time (yay!) we decided to go for a 2.5hour hike in the bush to see a waterfall. It was quite an adventurous path and gave our new hiking shoes a real good opportunity to be broken in…

After all those stairs …it must be time for us to relax in the thermal hot pools… (and enjoy a ‘goody goody gum drops’ ice cream… and an iconic kiwi drink)…

Our airbnb hosts also recommended a drive up over Mt. Isobel and through New Zealand’s largest station. The gravel road followed the Clarence River and after 40kms of driving (with a few stops to open and shut the gates, and to cross the many narrow one-lane bridges) we came to the scenic Lake Tennyson…

Have fun at work!



  1. I loved the hot springs. We stayed there a few years ago. Irish Catherine and I had to do a mad dash back the morning of my flight as i’d left my passport there. Managed to get one final dip in and still made it to the airport in time

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    • Haha… I see what you did there… leaving your passport behind. Very clever! Hot springs are the best. There are quite a few of them around NZ. This one was particularly nice.


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