So Many Shades of Green

We’ve enjoyed our first few days in New Zealand with family in Whanganui.

The grass is always greener on the otherside in New Zealand – as we saw when passing by this paddock with the silky swaying grass (GIF attempted below)…


Mt. Ruapehu also greeted us from Kadin’s parent’s new place.

Mt. Ruapehu

We spent the evenings walking around their property feeding the fish in the pond, spotting the rabbits and quails (and quailets) on the lawn, and having daylight until 9pm.

Click on photos to enlarge

On Thursday we went to Bushy Park and spent a few hours walking through the native bush and looking out for some of New Zealand’s birdlife…


A few more snaps of Bushy Park…

Have fun at work!



  1. Whanganui looks awesome Gemma – I can see you are ‘hating’ the trip so far! Hope the rest of your journey is as good. I am off to Rotto tomorrow – also awesome – but my pics will definitely not be as green! However, the swimming will be wonderful – just a different kind of wonderful! Hot all next week here – summer has finally arrived! Hope you also strike sunny weather in your travels – take care – Patrice


    • Thanks Patrice… oh yes, it’s ‘terrible’ here! Made it down the east coast of the south island to Kaikoura today (blog update pending). It’s 30 degrees and about to go to the pool soon. Have fun out at Rotto!


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