It All Begins



(Sock Credit: Tram Do)

2019 has arrived and we’ve arrived to Perth airport. Big thank you to Samantha, Trent and Bobbi for having us and the early morning drop off…

We’ve already decided that we probably have too much luggage and may need to have another re-pack in New Zealand… so hard to know what you’ll actually need for a year (and so many different seasons to cater for).

The airport was super quiet this morning which of course meant we both had the explosives test done on us at security. Passed with flying colours! We have Qantas Lounge access this morning but the sign at the door said no thongs …which of course meant Kadin had to do a quick change. Luckily he had some shoes with his carry on. Although I thought that the Woodsiders would get a real kick out of him being bounced from the lounge because of his attire.

Our first stop is Wellington, New Zealand. Catching up with family and friends and we’re going to be tourists in our own country first with most of January tripping around the South Island.

I will try to update the blog every couple of days or so… and try not to bore you all with every little detail.

Have fun at work!


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